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Giuseppe Badalamenti, aka "Joe Mozz", has been a chef for over 30 years; preparing the finest Italian cuisine.

Joe was born in Sicily, in the province of Palermo in the city of Carini and  came to the United States as a young boy, working in the kitchen. 

After many years of working alongside the finest chefs, (some of whom worked on cruise ships, like the Andrea D’Oria)

Joe opened La Galleria Restaurant on Hylan Blvd.


La Galleria was a fine dining restaurant, complete with a piano bar. In 1999, Joe decided to step down from the restaurant and focus on family.

This was the beginning of “ Joe Mozz, Inc.”,  a culmination of Joe's decades of culinary experience and Italian heritage. 


Joe Mozz is pleased to offer his hand-crafted artisanal mozzarella, cheeses, and Italian specialty products to both wholesale and retail markets! 
In addition to the variety of gourmet delicacies that Joe Mozz provides, we also serve as off-premise caterers, instruct Mozzarella classes,

and compose beautiful gift baskets for any season or event!

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